13/10/20 The “A” and “B” groups for Thursday evening have been combined into one group. Please email on the preceeding Monday to request a pod as before. First come first served but preference will be given to anyone unlucky the previous week. Afternoon classes are unchanged.

Also, first Tuesday afternoon practices are cancelled for November and December.

02/09/20 The limited activites started successfully last month will continue for the time being unless government regulations change (see Diary page). The list below has been modified slightly to reflect the latest information.

We have read through the guidance from Government (, our professional dance association the International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA) and the British Dance Council (BDC). The recommendations from the Government relate to gym type settings and we have listed below the steps we are taking to satisfy those regulations that are relevant to our dance classes.

• We will restrict numbers so that we can have 100 sq ft per person. This means a maximum of 20 people in the Meridian + us and a maximum of 14 people in the Haven + us. The halls will be divided into “Dance Pods” and couples must dance in their dance pod at all times with only one couple per pod.

To allow for expected numbers, the Thursday evening class will be divided into two groups “A” and “B” and will be on alternate weeks. The Haven afternoon classes will be “A” and “B” and dance on alternate weeks.

• All classes must be booked in advance and paid for on-line (though please get in touch if this is a problem).

• Chairs around the edge of the floor will be in twos and separated from their neighbours to maintain social distancing.

• Doors and windows will be open and must remain open for the duration of the class to ensure maximum ventilation.

• There will be hand sanitisers at the Meridian Hall and Haven Centre and you are required to use them as you enter the hall.

• It will be necessary to be particularly aware of social distancing when arriving and leaving the class, between dances and during breaks.

• There should only be one person at a time in each whole toilet suite.

• The music volume will be such that no-one needs to raise their voice to speak to their neighbours.

Whilst in the halls face coverings are not officially required. We will leave it up to you to choose whether you wear one or not. At the Haven Centre, face coverings must be worn until you are in the main hall.

• We are required to keep contact details of all who come to our classes and if requested will pass those details to the test and trace system. You have the right to say if you don’t want us to pass on your details. If you have the NHS Covid-19 app, you can check-in to the venue by scanning the QR code at the entrance.

• Anyone with coronavirus symptoms or having had a positive test must not attend classes and must follow government guidelines for isolation.

• Attendees must dance only with a member of their household or bubble.